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1. Parsimonious- being frugal or stingy
The parsimonious lady didn't want to give a single penny to the poor person who needed food.

2. Somnolent- sleepy, drowsy, inducing sleep
After a hard day of work, the man was rather somnolent, and wanted to just go to bed.

3. Stentorian- extremely loud
The stentorian party was too much for the old people's ear drums, and they had to leave.

4. Quintessence- the perfect example of something
Jesus was the quintessence of a sacrificial lamb.

5. Alacrity- Cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness
The man came with alacrity when he heard that his dog had fallen down a well.

6. Dissonant- not in harmony, disagreeing, at odds
The people of the newly made chorus sang in dissonant tones, and it sounded horrible.

7. Ultimatum- a final proposal or statement of conditions
James Bourne is the main character in the Bourne Ultimatum, which is his final proposal.

8. Voluble- characterized by a ready flow of words, glib, fluent
The politician was very voluble, he always knew the right thing to say.

9. Rescind- to repeal, cancel
The judge rescinded the decision made by the previous president, and made it not worth anything anymore.

10. Vivacious- lively, sprightly, full of energy
The flower was very vivacious, it seemed to always be in full bloom.

11. Loquacious- talkative, wordy; fond of talking
The loquacious professor never stopped talking, and that made his class very boring.

12. Elucidate- to clarify, explain
A good teacher can elucidate any question his student's have.

13. Imbibe- to drink; to take in, absorb
The thirsty athlete imbibed his gatorade with haste.

14. Infinitesimal- so small as to be almost immeasurable; minute
The gene was so infinitesimal that you couldn't even see it without the most powerful microscope in the world.

15. Quiescent- inactive, at rest
The quiescent man was sound asleep in his dark room when the intruder broke in.

16. Compunction- remorse, regret
The man felt compunction for killing the other person's family when he was sentenced to death.

17. Endemic- native or confined to a particular region or people; characteristic or or prevalent in a field
The Eskimo's are endemic to Alaska, they have always lived there, and will always live there.

18. Misconstrue- to interpret wrongly, mistake the meaning of
The corrupt lawyer misconstrued the information so it looked like his client had done nothing wrong.

19. Crestfallen- discouraged; dejected, downcast
The man who had just lost his job was crestfallen because he would have to tell his family he was out of work.

20. Wastrel- a wasteful person, spendthrift; a good for nothing
My friend is a wastrel, he spends his money on junk food instead of saving it for college.